About Us


After hearing the struggles of our customers from Natural Heaven who consume food alternatives to manage diabetic issues or follow a keto-friendly and low-carb eating plan, a realization struck me - sugar is the ultimate villain, especially when combined with white flour, creating a detrimental scenario when all we crave is a delightful sweet treat. 

It was this realization that sparked the idea of using green bananas as a flour substitute.

Bantastic, don't you think? Not only are they fibrous and aid in blood sugar management, but they also possess the remarkable ability to enhance consistency. We discovered that using green bananas in our thin and crispy snacks offered a double advantage for our beloved consumers.

At Bantastic, we love to treat our family and kids with fun snacks that are also better for us! That's why we mixed up this recipe, replacing traditional grains with nutritionally rich green bananas.

Our Snacks are full of fiber and sugar fee, so you can feel great all day long. Plus, green bananas are a unique source of prebiotics, helping to improve digestion! These little powerhouses are full os surprises, and we hope you enjoy the surprisingly familiar taste of all our functional snacks at Bantastic.

Happy Snack!

Raphael Mortati