Brownie Crisps

A+ Nutrition

School Snacks, Leveled Up: Give Them the Tools to Excel

Smart Choice for Savvy Parents

🍪 Zero Sugar;

🍪 Fiber-rich 11g; 46% daily needs,

🍪 Full of Prebiotics (Gut Health)

🍪 Swap White Wheat for Green Banana Flour

Our Mission

To go against poor sugar-based nutrition by serving up delicious, guilt-free snacks that nourish your loved ones from the inside out. At Bantastic, we're committed to providing our family with tasty snacks that are both delicious and beneficial.


The Kids Are Alright Now

Energy At Breakfast

Fuel Morning Energy for All-Day Focus and Learning, without sugar and additives

The Best Classmate

Sharp Minds Deserve Smart Snacks.

Eat on the go

Make our treats your go-to study buddy for a delicious break!

Healthy Snacks Made for Lunch Breaks

Ideal for Mindful Parenting!

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Bantastic is a brilliant fusion of delicious chocolate crisps and a full range of low-glycemic benefits to support your nutritional goals.


Bantastic mixes up a recipe, replacing traditional grains with nutritionally-rich green bananas.


Thin Crisp Brownies for Everyday Snacking – Offering Keto, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, and Dairy-Free Nutrition



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Yes definitely, it requires no refrigeration and can be stored for 12 months.

It's all about consistency. As the best substitute for white wheat, it doesn't cause inflammation in your body and is rich in resistant starches.

With its rich chocolate and fruity options, your kids will adore this treat. It's uniquely crunchy, sugar-free, and naturally sweetened with stevia—good for their teeth too.

Certainly! Green bananas provide the perfect canvas for our chocolate, coconut, salted caramel, and mint flavors to shine. They also bring a full spectrum of low glycemic nutrition, offering benefits such as low-carb, blood sugar regulation, and sugar-free goodness.

Rave Reviews for Our Guilt-Free Brownie Crisps