Why so Bantastic?

Our Brownie Crisps are not only made with 0g added sugar but also crafted using green banana flour to eliminate white wheat and lactose. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone mindful of gut health, or those following a gluten-free or low-carb diet

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You can order a box with 3 ounces (90g) per count/container. The serving size is 28g, which equals approximately 5 pieces

We got creative by crafting a substitute for inflammatory ingredients, leaving gluten and grains out of the equation. The secret? Green bananas, which add crunchiness, not flavor, to our brownies.

Certainly! Green bananas provide the perfect canvas for our chocolate, coconut, salted caramel, and mint flavors to shine. They also bring a full spectrum of low glycemic nutrition, offering benefits such as low-carb, blood sugar regulation, and sugar-free goodness.

Rest easy while indulging in our sensational crunch. Every piece offers 0.4g of net carbs.

Absolutely! Our Brownies aren't just sugar-free; they're sweetened with natural stevia extract. Dentists even recommend it for its tooth and mouth health benefits.

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Bantastic Brownie Sugar Free Snack, Coconut Crisps - 6 pack, 18oz

Are these really & truly sugar free? They are too good to be true. Taste is wonderful.

Crave chocolate ?

Best low carb crunchy sweet snack. As a diabetic with both a sweet and a crunchy tooth, these are a lifesaver!


I love the Salted Caramel Crisps! They are my favorite of the flavors so far.

Great Snacks

I love the Brownie Sugar Free Snack. It is a great snack to get you though the hunger pangs and sweet attacks. Crunchy and tasty.

Great snack fills my chocolate cravings

This is a great snack, it fills my chocolate cravings

Order happy

I love your product. It is one of the keys to helping me lose weight and not lose my mind. I still get a treat and don’t have to feel guilty. Some of the boxes have more small pieces (handling I guess)

Yummy and no tummy issues from this product at all!!

Great chocolate snack!!!

Healthy chocolaty snacks that taste great and quench the sugar need!!!!

Good stuff

We tried your product with a small initial order. Liked it very much. Followed up with a larger order and was lucky enough to hit a sale.

Great taste

I'm very impressed with the quality and taste. You have done a great job❣️


I love these. My only complaint, is that it’s way too easy to eat a whole box. And that probably defeats the purpose of healthy snacking. So be careful, crunchy chocolate lovers - these are really delicious.

So yummy!

These are delicious and great for a sweet snack!

So Good!!

I actually can’t believe how good these taste for the nutrition facts. I’m never going to have to worry about getting my fiber in again with these things around!!


Low sugar, gluten free. Can’t stop eating these!

Fabulous Chocolate taste!!!

No sugar, low calorie. Delicious chocolate treats that taste rich and full of sugar and caramel !!! Great snacks !!!! The entire line of their treats are amazing!!!

Mint Chocolate..... yum!

I love the Bantastic Brownie Crisps! These mint chocolate brownie crisps didn't disappoint, they had just the right touch of mint... and were not overly minty. It's so hard to find good tasting non sugar filled treats! My problem is, I can't stay out of the box after it's opened!


I can’t stop eating them.


These brownie crisps are the best cookie that is keto and sugar free and tastes incredible.


Love all the flavors of your crisps! I love to crush them up and add them to my yogurt bowls, homemade ice creams, etc.
Thanks for creating such an amazing low calorie (BUT TASTY) treat!!!

Ice Cream TOPPERS!!!

LOVE, Love your brownie snaps! I crush them up and use them to top my homemade ice cream!! LOVE all your flavors! Just amazing!!!!


They do the job when you need a fix! Delicious!